Web3: the new collaboration between Unstoppable Domains and Pudgy Penguins

by Norberto Parisian

Unstoppable Domains and Plump Penguins have collaborated to provide an innovative resolution for accessing the digital world by design of Web3 domains.

Thanks to .chunky domains, customers can now abandon feeble password-essentially based completely logins and use personalized identities to access the chunky world in a single step.

Let’s take into yarn the total predominant components below.


Web3: easy and valid access to the Plump Penguins world with personalized identities

As anticipated, Unstoppable Domains, leader in the provision of Web3 domains and digital identification solutions, announced this day an innovative integration with Plump Penguins.

This unique trend will enable customers to access Plump World using their .chunky domains, representing a foremost step forward in the accessibility of the virtual world and in the actual person journey.

The unique single tag-on characteristic supplied by this integration enables customers to access Plump World by design of a personalised digital identification owned by the actual person themselves.

Not like feeble logins in accordance with Google or Apple, customers can now use their .chunky domains to access the platform, guaranteeing bigger privacy and autonomy.

With thousands of .chunky domains minted in precisely three months, the community’s enthusiasm demonstrates the solid adoption of this unique design.

Sandy Carter, COO di Unstoppable Domains, commented as follows:

“This integration with Plump Penguins enables customers to in actuality comprise their digital identification and safe an eye on their virtual journey. By logging in with .chunky domains, customers destroy free from the constraints of Web2 and now have a truly unified journey in the center of the Plump world.”

Properties and customization

The .chunky domains offer customers the different to right their individuality within the Plump Penguins community. This integration goes past the easy username, allowing customers to signify their digital self in the virtual world.

Not like feeble login programs, .chunky domains offer an unheard of ownership and safe an eye on over digital identification, serving as a passport for chat, events, and unfamiliar activities.

Luca Netz, CEO di Plump Penguins, said:

“We’re mad to provide our community a more unified journey by design of this integration with Unstoppable Domains. The ability to log in with their .chunky domains affords a selected journey in Web3, supreme because, in the virtual world, individuality and ownership are extraordinarily predominant.”

With the expansion of the Plump ecosystem, .chunky domains will possible be adaptable to unique functionalities, guaranteeing that customers’ digital identities remain linked and precious.

The companies are exploring extra aspects, in conjunction with profile badges for customers of .chunky domains and expanded integrations within the Plump ecosystem.

The access characteristic by design of the .chunky arena will possible be launched in the fourth quarter of this twelve months. Thus marking a huge milestone in the evolution of access to the virtual world and digital identification management.

All-time high for Web3 particular person engagement in Q2 2024

Within the second quarter of 2024, Web3 particular person engagement reached unheard of levels, with roughly 10 million inviting day to day active wallets (dUAW). This represents a 40% raise when put next with the major quarter of the twelve months.

A document by DappRadar from July 4 highlights unheard of sigh that has affected varied sectors of decentralized purposes (DApp), resulting in an total bull trend.

Social dApps and NFT were the major protagonists of this expansion. The social sector recorded essentially the major raise, with a 66% upward push in dUAW.

The blockchain gaming sector has also considered a upward push in customers, despite a puny lower in its market piece.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) have considered a huge raise in particular person exercise. Uniswap recorded an 80% raise in dUAW, whereas Raydium seen a 134% sigh, thanks to the influx of meme coin merchants.

The NFT marketplaces have reached their height utilization since the major quarter of 2023, with a shopping and selling quantity of 4 billion bucks over 14.9 million particular person transactions.

Whatever the raise in the want of customers, the total rate of cryptocurrencies locked in DeFi purposes (TVL) has decreased by 7 billion bucks, marking a 4% tumble when put next with the previous quarter.

DappRadar has warned that the dramatic sigh of dUAW would possibly perhaps perhaps merely now not be sustainable in the very long time duration. Fragment of the raise has been attributed to the phenomenon of airdrop farming, in which customers have interaction in activities to invent airdrop tokens.

The airdrops of Blast and ZKsync in June have contributed very a lot to this height.

The document emphasizes the want to bolster the actual person journey, to manufacture solid roadmaps, and to have solid teams to verify continuous and sustainable sigh in the design in which forward for Web3.

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