Spot Bitcoin ETFs surpass 220,000 BTC under management

by Adolf Balistreri

‘The Nine’, the name given to the 9 new keep Bitcoin (BTC) alternate-traded funds (ETFs) well-liked within the US in January, now holds better than 220,000 BTC below administration. The guidelines is supplied by on-chain recordsdata firm Arkham Intelligence.

BlackRock’s IBIT ETF is accountable for the majority of Bitcoins amassed by these funds, with over 130,000 BTC below administration, an a lot like nearly $7,4 billion. Over the closing 24 hours, BlackRock added extra 3,281.17 BTC to its tackle. ARK Invest’s ARKB 21Shares holds 31,465 BTC, which is halt to $1.8 billion, making it the 2nd biggest keep Bitcoin ETF by BTC below administration.

Bitwise’s BITB holds 23,799 BTC, which interprets to over $1.3 billion. It acquired 681.526 BTC from FalconX over the closing 24 hours.

Fidelity’s FBTC additionally has over $1 billion in Bitcoin, with 20,275 BTC below administration. Its wallets acquired 2,325 BTC from Coinbase within the previous 24 hours, and 1,185 BTC from a Cumberland tackle.

Invesco’s BTCO is distant from the first four ETFs listed, with 6,140 BTC below administration, which is halt to $350 million. It acquired 80 BTC from Coinbase within the closing 4 hours, and the amount changed into once transferred to a recent wallet nearly straight away.

The HODL Bitcoin ETF, managed by VanEck, acquired over 113 BTC from Gemini within the closing hour. The ETF now sits at 4,130 BTC below administration, surpassing $230 million.

The closing switch directed to Valkyrie’s BRRR fund came about four days ago, with 22.681 BTC despatched from Kraken. BRRR’s Bitcoins below administration stand at 3,106 BTC, or $176 million.

The EZBC keep Bitcoin ETF, from asset manager Franklin Templeton, has amassed 2,088 BTC over the previous two months, with nearly $120 million below administration. BTCW, managed by WisdowTree, is the smallest of the 9 ETFs, conserving 690.367 BTC.

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