Real-time Risk Monitor for Ethena USDe Stablecoin Now Live

by Adolf Balistreri

Arthur Hayes, the founder of the BitMEX alternate, recently presented a probability radar chart for Ethena Labs’ USDe stablecoin with on-chain supplied by intelligence platform IntoTheBlock. In a contemporary post on X, Colin Wu’s team known as attention to this building.

Arthur Hayes shared the Ethena on-chain probability radar chart produced by intotheblock, at the side of USDe Peg Video display, sUSDe Rate Efficiency, USDe DEX Liquidity, USDe Rate Deviation By Protocol/Pool, Volatility Distribution, Curve Pool Asset Distribution, DEX Exit Price Simulation, DEX…

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) April 13, 2024

The comprehensive chart provides a multifaceted conception of USDe balance and efficiency. It covers vital metrics akin to USDe Peg Video display, sUSDe Rate Efficiency, and USDe DEX Liquidity.

The radar chart also capabilities analyses of USDe mark deviation by protocol or pool, volatility distribution, and curve pool asset distribution. Additionally, it tracks DEX exit price simulation and DEX pool concentration.

Furthermore, the radar chart illuminates vital facets like USDe and stETH Market Depth, offering valuable insights for traders and traders navigating the Ethena ecosystem.

Particularly, this effort comes amid increased scrutiny of Ethena’s USDe sustainability, because the protocol provides a staggering 37% yield for stakers. Ethena’s technique entails capitalizing on mark differentials between plot and futures markets, proving in particular lucrative amid surging token prices and escalating funding charges.

Industry pundits like Ki Younger Ju have expressed concerns that Ethena’s technique can also survive in a bull market but are uncertain of its balance in a accept as true with market. This skepticism arises amid comparisons to Terra Luna’s UST, whose horny charges later led to its give procedure in 2022.

At press time, USDe’s cap has reached over $2.39 billion, up by over 400% from below $350 million in stupid February. In March by myself, Ethena boasted revenue that surpassed a mighty $25 million.

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