'Nyan Heroes' Tops 100K Players on Epic Games, Reveals Solana NFT Rewards

by Marco Stracke

Nyan Heroes, the Solana-basically basically based feline mech shooter, reported Friday that it has accrued over 100,000 players who possess downloaded and played the game since its pre-alpha demo launched on the Chronicle Video games Store on March 25.

“The Nyan Heroes pre-alpha demo has been in fleshy swing for 10 days, and we had been fully purring with the total reception it has obtained,” developer 9 Lives Interactive stated in a Medium post.

With lower than a week left till the stop of the pre-alpha demo on April 9, Nyan Heroes launched plans Friday to present leaderboard rewards for the tip players of the demo, including Nyan Heroes Genesis Guardian NFTs and extra MEOW capabilities that toddle in opposition to the upcoming airdrop of the game’s NYAN token.

In line with Nyan Heroes, the tip three players will gather a Legendary Genesis Nyan NFT, an Ultrarare Genesis NFT, and a Uncommon Genesis Nyan NFT, respectively. Players who detestable fourth to tenth will gather a Genesis Nyan NFT, while players who detestable in 11th to Twentieth dwelling will every gather a Genesis Guardian NFT.


10 days in & our Pre-Alpha has already viewed over 100K players enter the Battledome! Your enthusiasm is inconceivable. 🐱💥 We’re recognizing the tip players in-game with some sweet loot!

Beefy considerable capabilities right here 👉 https://t.co/ZT7dwOJWbH pic.twitter.com/XYjsjRhPKn

— Nyan Heroes (@nyanheroes) April 5, 2024

“The leaderboard ranking is decided by total wins in every single place in the pre-alpha demo. The extra wins you invent, the elevated your condo on the leaderboard shall be,” 9 Lives Interactive stated.

In line with the Medium post, the tip 100 players shall be confirmed on the leaderboard. Players who are no longer at shriek in the tip 100, 9 Lives Interactive stated, can salvage their detestable at the underside of the record with their username.

“Climb with every receive! Whereas the tip 100 heroes be pleased the limelight, every participant’s detestable and username are honored,” 9 Lives Interactive added on Twitter. “Tied wins? You are going to receive the elevated tier’s rewards! Plus, your MEOW capabilities lengthen with every leaderboard triumph.”

For instance, if Substandard 500 and 501 possess an identical quantity of wins, then Substandard 501 shall be granted the same reward as Substandard 500. Nyan Heroes stated that every MEOW rewards earned from the leaderboard enhance shall be added to a participant’s level total sooner than any multiplier is factored in. Finally, the tip 7,500 players will all gather some roughly MEOW capabilities bonus.

In January, Nyan Heroes stated players who possess a Nyan Heroes or Guardians NFT will invent extra rewards. Final weekend, 9 Lives Interactive equipped double the MEOW capabilities all over its play-to-airdrop campaign in a selected, restricted-time promo. The NYAN token is expected to open on Solana in some unspecified time in the future following the conclusion of the play-to-airdrop campaign.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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