Neo News: Week in Review – March 25 – March 31

by Louvenia Conroy

Identical old Updates

Neo Global Constructing Head of Ecosystem Growth John Wang joined a panel dialogue at the WOW Summit World of Web3 convention in Hong Kong.

Neo co-hosted a meetup with Web3 Labs Club in Seoul, South Korea, alongside the eight initiatives within the Net 3.0 Global Acceleration Program. The meetup used to be fragment of the 5-day Seoul Acceleration Tour, aimed towards equipping teams with the recordsdata and talents predominant for success within the blockchain dwelling.

Neo launched plans to create appearances at the Hong Kong Web3.0 Spring Summit and the Web3 Competition Hong Kong in April. The occasions will highlight the direct within the sector and underscore the put’s openness to adopting blockchain technology.

GrantShares submissions ecosystem advertising and marketing by MarketAcross, and the Tunestamp copyright security platform proposals had been attach forth for dialogue.

Quirky Soul College launched that the third and closing mint wave of QSC personality NFTs will initiating on April 20. The closing wave will be originate for a restricted time. Afterward, users will no longer be in a tell to use GAS to buy freshly created Persona NFTs; they’ll like to buy them from secondary markets.

Flamboyant Flamingos hosted a pre-sale for the upcoming FLAI memecoin initiating.

Frank Coin NFT holders had been airdropped 20,000 HD memecoins using the Forthewin Network batch switch blueprint.

ITEM Systems co-founder Guil. Sperb Machado used to be featured in a Metaverse Post article to debate non-fungible merchandise technology, the arrangement in which it would possibly perchance perchance perchance also be applied within the vogue swap, and NFIs at the upcoming Paris Blockchain Week. Additionally, ITEM Systems co-founder Tyler Adams shared a Twitter put up relating to the upcoming activation at Paris Blockchain Week that will rob put at the Neo booth.

COZ co-founder Tyler Adams used to be featured in an in-depth interview on the TechFlow Substack for a little bit of writing entitled Dialog with CEO of COZ: a philosophical point of view to the immortality of bodily objects when certain with code on the blockchain. In the interview, Adams discussed his entrance into the Neo ecosystem, the longevity of blockchain networks offering product choices, building non-fungible merchandise technology, outdated NFI activations, and more.

Flamingo shared statistics on the FLUND single-sided staking fund for Week 12 of 2024, noting a total cost of roughly $12.5 million, total minting rewards of $5.9 million, and total procuring and selling rate rewards of $1.08 million.

Developer Updates

Neo SPCC launched the NeoFS Panel, a webpage that allows users to create storage containers to host files, paperwork, and assorted recordsdata on the decentralized file storage community.

NNT Safe Up

NNT launched Episode 60 of The Trim Economy Podcast featuring Andreas Brekken, the founding father of SideShift, a non-custodial exchange dedicated to seamless onboarding and person privateness. Topics of dialogue included the evolution of exchanges within the past 10 years, Brekken’s foray into crypto and building his first exchange, the upward thrust of SideShift, the importance of person privateness and nil registration, building a blockchain company for bull and undergo cycles, SideShift’s contemporary successes, and arrangement more.

NNT’s editors co-hosted Crypto Espresso and Blockchain Beer Areas #12 on The Trim Economy Podcast X. Topics of dialogue included the Neo N3 milestone of 100k wallets, building recordsdata dashboards for Neo, prices going up on EVM L2s no topic EIP 4844 and blobs, rate markets on Solana as a seemingly resolution to rising prices, Neo X and bridging to EVM ecosystems, and Sam Bankman-Fried and his 25-One year penal complex sentence.

Several memecoins now not too long within the past launched on the Neo blockchain and must also be swapped on the Forthewin Network DeFi platform. The elevated direct surrounding memecoins on Neo mirrors contemporary traits on assorted networks admire Solana, Ethereum, and assorted EVM L2s. As of March 2024, the four most traditional contemporary memecoins on Neo encompass Schrute Bucks (SCHRUTE), Frank Coin (FRANK), Ape Coin (APE), and The Hongfei (HD).

AxLabs lead engineer Michael Bucher will carry a presentation at the upcoming Ethereum Zürich convention being held April 5 to 7, 2024. His presentation will be entitled Bridging EVM and non-EVM Assets: A Good Methodology. The controversy will leverage the teachings realized from AxLabs’ contributions to the native bridge below development for Neo N3 and Neo X. Bucher intends to talk relating to the interoperability layer and why the group opted to create X as a sidechain, in preference to a rollup, and the arrangement in which they settled on an Ordered Binary Hash Chain recordsdata construction attributable to its minimal complexity and cost-effectiveness.


April 4 – 5: Neo are sponsorship companions of Hong Kong Net 3.0 Spring Summit convention.
April 5: Neo will be an exhibitor at Oak Grove Crypto 2024 in Hong Kong.
April 5: NNT editors net hosting CC & BB #13 on The Trim Economy Podcast legit X myth.
April 6 – 9: Neo can like a booth at Hong Kong Web3 Competition 2024.
April 7: Da Hongfei speaking at Hong Kong Web3 Competition 2024.

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