Late Friends star Matthew Perry’s X account hacked by crypto scammers

by Margarita Armstrong

The X (previously Twitter) yarn of deceased Chums superstar Matthew Perry was as soon as hacked yesterday to promote a rip-off tricking users into donating crypto to a false charity bearing his name.

The Matthew Perry X yarn asked its 1.5 million followers to “strengthen our mission in struggling with addiction” and donate crypto at the moment to the ‘Matthew Perry Foundation.’ The Chums superstar handed away in his hot bath final October after overdosing on Ketamine.

Bitcoin, ether, tether, and sol had been listed as permitted currencies alongside the rip-off’s crypto addresses. The X publish also study, “Deeply grateful to your generosity, Any contribution is liked!” and signed off as “The Matthew Perry Foundation.”

Bruh, scammers hacked @MatthewPerry and are begging for crypto…

— DANNYonPC (@DANNYonPC) February 26, 2024

Screenshot of the Matthew Perry hack caught by one X user.

Matthew Perry’s legit Instagram said, “We have faith got bought studies that Matthew’s legit X net page has been hacked and is directing users to a mistaken site soliciting donations thru cryptocurrency.”

The yarn warned, “Please fabricate no longer donate to this site or fragment the incorrect posts on social media,” and famend, “ is the very top net site associated to the Foundation.”

Crypto hacks on X picture no signal of slowing down in 2024

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Perry’s isn’t the first high-profile X yarn to be hacked and broken-down as phase of a crypto rip-off. Closing 12 months, the yarn belonging to the unhurried UK comic, musician, and ‘unofficial seventh member of Monty Python,’ Neil Innes was as soon as hacked to promote a series of bitcoin junk mail posts.

And yesterday, the yarn belonging to bitcoin-hoarding machine company MicroStrategy was as soon as hacked. Attackers reportedly promoted a false airdrop to MicroStrategy followers that supplied ‘legit’ Ethereum-based fully tokens. In keeping with crypto sleuth ZachXBT, the rip-off has stolen $440,000 in crypto.

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