Doodles Founder Creates Poop Token, Two Wallets Grab 38% of Supply at Launch

by Heber Wilkinson

Within the most fresh signal that the crypto market’s enduring meme coin fever is probably going far from breaking, the co-founder of the usual Doodles NFT designate launched a surprise POOP token over the weekend to community participants.

It stirred pleasure, nonetheless also some controversy too—ensuing from a gigantic chunk of the total provide became rapid snapped up by “snipers,” spurring accusations of merchants working with interior records.

On Saturday, Doodles co-founder Jordan “Poopie” Castro without warning announced in a weblog submit that he had whipped up a meme coin with dinky inherent heed previous its association with feces. The POOP token became launched on Disagreeable, an Ethereum scaling community built by Coinbase that has only in the near previous became a meme coin trading hotspot.

There’s de facto no promise or ensures of anything,” Castro wrote about POOP. “This might per chance per chance very neatly be price lower than zero, esteem a fresh, steaming pile of dung.”

$poop became airdropped to

holders of doodles, genboxes, dooplicators
holders of custom 1/1 doodles
doodlebank contributors and voters
genesis box burners
doodle minters, even while you FLOORED IT AND GTFO

take a look at your wallets on repulsive and skim the submit:

— poopie (@poopie) March 30, 2024

Allocations of Poopcoin had been airdropped to Doodles stakeholders previous and show cover, together with holders of affiliated NFTs (Doodles, Doodles Genesis Bins, Dooplicators, and one-of-one Doodles); minters of the true Doodles and Genesis Box NFTs; and wallets which hang participated in the administration of Doodlebank, the community’s on-chain treasury.

No topic Castro’s evident connection to the Doodles designate, and the token’s airdrop across the total Doodles ecosystem, then again, POOP has no first fee relation to Doodles (a clarification that had some community participants in the initiating careworn).

You guys attain imprint that $poop became correct @poopie having some fun factual?

NOT @doodles first fee

— conquad.eth 🔥 (@Conquant) March 30, 2024

Within minutes of POOP’s open, airdropped POOP tokens—sent to over 14,000 wallets—had been collectively price some $3 million. But Doodles community participants had been no longer the greatest beneficiaries of Castro’s “experiment in flinging poop.” No longer even shut.

Straight following Poopcoin’s open—earlier than Castro had even announced the token—two wallets seized over a third of the total POOP token provide, essentially essentially based on diagnosis by on-chain records firm Bubblemaps.

The founder of @doodles launched $poop to reward his community.

But after inspecting 18,800 wallets, the greatest winners had been NOT the Doodles holders ⚠️

• Holders: $3 million
• Sniper 1: $3 million
• Sniper 2: $5 million

A thread 🧵↓

— Bubblemaps (@bubblemaps) March 30, 2024

One of those wallets—to employ the crypto parlance—”sniped” a whopping 23.5% of the total Poopcoin provide in seconds, earlier than rapid splitting that bounty across 54 on-chain addresses. That sum of POOP tokens became price roughly $5 million on the time; far bigger than the total heed of the POOP airdrop to all Doodles community participants.

The opposite wallet sniped 15% of the total POOP provide earlier than Castro’s announcement, amassing a giant get hang of of tokens price roughly $3 million.

The implication that the token open’s two lopsided beneficiaries purchased some invent of unfair wait on or insider tip soon started swirling on Crypto Twitter. But it wasn’t lengthy earlier than one amongst the POOP snipers unmasked themselves as Pranksy, a prominent pseudonymous NFT collector.

When prodded by Bubblemaps’ Twitter account about how they managed to buy up so noteworthy POOP so rapid, Pransky without lengthen replied: 40 minutes earlier than Castro announced Poopcoin, they wrote, the Doodles co-founder had already airdropped the token to Doodles community participants.

Pranksy, a Doodles holder, talked about they merely searched the token’s ID and sold as noteworthy as they might per chance per chance as soon because the token started rocketing in heed, minutes later. They ended up with 15% of the total token provide.

It arrived in wallets tied to doodles 40 mins earlier than his announcement tweet, I noticed my doodles wallets held it and the contract became locked. I loaded the token ID into photon and pressed buy after I noticed a green candle

— Pranksy 📦 (@pranksy) March 31, 2024

No longer noteworthy of a thriller, it became out. Interestingly Castro’s “experiment in flinging poop” has to this level confirmed that fecal topic doesn’t roll downhill in an equal distribution. And POOP, meanwhile, is down nearly 65% in the closing 24 hours, per CoinGecko. It’s currently trading at lower than half a cent per token.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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